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Vet/ Radioiodine Laboratory in Tampere

Vet4Cat, experienced vet in Tampere, specialising radioiodine (isotope I-131) treatments for cats with hyperthyroidism.


  • Dental care
  • Eye illnesses and- surgery
  • Röntgen ja utrasound
  • Bone- and jointsurgery
  • Laboratory

Radioiodine treatments

  • Safe and effective
  • Over 95% changes of getting fully recovered
  • Only minor side-effects
  • Returning to normal cat
  • Cost effective


Vet4Cat Radioiodine Laboratory

Vet4Cat is the first and, until now, the only cat clinic in Finland where we are doing radioiodine (isotope I-131) treatments for cats with hyperthyroidism. Vet4Cat started the radioiodine (isotope I-131) treatments in March 2015. We are proud to say that until now we have treated over 350 hyperthyroid cats with excellent results, what means that after the first treatment we got the cats in euthyroid state in 99% of the cases. Few cats need a second treatment after some months. The hypothyroidism (the most common side effect of the treatment), developed in < 5% of all treated cats, what means we are within the guidelines of the international recommendations.

We have treatment groups 1-2 times per month. In every group we treat between 3-5 cats. The booking for the treatment can be made directly by the owner or through the consultant veterinarian. By telephone we give all information needed english. We have also all instructions and recommendations written in russian, if needed/required.